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Traditional Hebrew Quote Tattoo Ideas

Sunday, August 18th 2013. | Quote Tattoo

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LONDON (CNN) – Your Jewish grandmother might have told you not to get a tattoo if you want to be buried in a Jewish cemetery when you die. If you ignored her, rest easy – not only progressive Jews, but Britain’s Orthodox Jews now have no This prohibition applies to all tattoos besides those made for medical purposes, such as to guide a surgeon making an incision. See also Can a Person with a Tattoo Be Buried in a Jewish Cemetery? and I Want a Star of David Tattoo. This photo just released to the British newspaper the Daily Mail shows Justin Bieber just after he receive a Hebrew-language tattoo earlier this year — and shows that his dad got one just like it at the same time. The inking was done in Israel earlier Choosing religion over butterflies, Drew Barrymore is reportedly having her tattoos removed to adhere to her husband’s Jewish religion, Star magazine reports. While converting to Judaism for her husband, William Kopelman, 38-year-old Barrymore is having Victoria Beckham has been photographed with a new Hebrew tattoo thought to be inked to celebrate her ten-year anniversary with footballer husband David. The tattoo, which translates as “Together, forever, eternally”, was seen as she recorded her guest spot “Tattoos are just incompatible with Jewish values,” said Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei of the He credits a recent spike in visitors to the his-and-hers King Solomon quote worn by David and Victoria Beckham…..

but in order for her to be buried in a traditional Jewish cemetery she has to be tattoo-free.” Therefore, Barrymore supposedly “started undergoing painful laser surgery to erase the six tattoos she got during her wild child years,” claims the site. The SpongeBob quote and the Picasso painting are the most recent additions. “I always wanted a tattoo. So far every one I’ve gotten has been under $150, but I’m building to something bigger,” Plotnick said…..

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