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Tattoos: New Trends for 2015

Thursday, March 5th 2015. | Tattoo Trend

2015 is a brand new year, and we’re not even a quarter way through! Tattoos, like any other form of art, go through phases and trends depending on the public’s perception of what is desirable. For instance, the late 90s saw an explosion of barbed wire armbands and trendy tribal tattoos. Last year, we saw an influx of infinity symbols with words written in them, anchors, and of course, bird silhouettes. What will 2015 bring?

I’m no expert, but I’ve been in the tattoo industry for nearly a whopping seven years, and I’ve certainly seen my fair share of tattoo trends come and go. I’m not going to lie, I’ll be singing my praises as some of them exit out the door, to be replaced by a new, unique perspective on tattoo art.

Social Ques that Influence this Year’s Trends

This year, many tattoo patrons are influenced by contemporary ideals of open-mindedness, a reconnection to the earth, and an appreciation for the abstract, elegant, and artistic. It seems as though people are starting to believe that networking and social media websites, along with impersonal communication such as e-mails and texts, is creating a lack of emotional intimacy that people usually experience in interpersonal relationships…and they’re sick of it! While remaining current, people in the U.S. are wanting to get simpler. They’re into gardening and self-sustenance—they want to make sure they’re nourishing their bodies through organic and local sources. They’re into recycling, renewable energy resources, and making a better planet for future generations. They question authority and want to see that they are capable of changing the world around them.

Right now is an age of free thinking, of questioning, of learning, and of appreciation in a generation where entitlement and immediate gratification run rampant, and this will most certainly also show through in the peoples’ choices of body art.

Based on tattoo requests from this year so far and December of last year, here are my predictions for the newest tattoo trends for this year.

Animal Tattoos

Let’s face it—animals are awesome. We share our planet with them, we use them as food and for other resources, and their existence completes the circle of life. Many animals have been given symbolic meanings throughout history, and can connote a lot of meaning for a person who identifies with one. For example, a lion signifies strength, and the decision to get a lion tattoo might suggest that strength is an ideal that the wearer wants to embody. Wolves can be symbolic of independence and loyalty, tigers can be symbolic of power, owls can symbolize wisdom—you get the point! These kinds of animals also show an appreciation for nature and for life in general.

Animal tattoo designs don’t have to be limited to animals in the wild, however; many people find it comforting to get either a portrait or the paw print of a beloved pet who has passed! Presented in an artistic way, these kinds of tattoos are a wonderful way to commemorate a furry friend.

Popular animal themes this year: Owl, lion, elephant, hoofed animals (such as deer, elk, horses), fox
Falling trends: Wolf, eagle, koi fish


Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor style tattoos, otherwise known as tattoos which adopt a more painterly style and stray away from traditional tattoo techniques used by the pioneers of tattooing, began making appearances in early 2014, but are now an established style of tattooing that can be applied to nearly any type of subject!

Naturally, they get their name from the way that the style implies a “painted on the skin” effect.

Watercolor tattoos feature a more organic style that borders between realistic and abstract. Black is rarely used, or is used sparingly, and often the colors of the tattoos go outside of the few lines used in the piece. The effect is elegant, artistic, and very contemporary!

Popular watercolor themes this year: flowers, animals (specifically birds)


Geometric Tattoos

Geometric elements have long been part of many tattoo designs, but never so much as now! A geometric tattoo style refers to any design that has a lot of linear qualities and consistent, technical shading. Mandala tattoos (which are symbolic of the universe and of self-unity in the Hindu and Buddhist religions) are a more common example of this; however, geometric tattoo designs have now been expanded to also depict animals, skulls, flowers, and abstract designs that flow with the body and enhance it.

Native American designs such as arrows and feathers, Hindu-inspired designs, and Pacific Islander flowers and bands are now also being highly represented in this category. Think of it as a contemporary twist on the tribal designs of old! These types of geometric designs celebrate one’s culture or heritage while still remaining trendy and unique.

Popular geometric themes this year: Geometric-styled people and animals, Hindu-inspired designs such as lotus flowers and the Mandala, flowers, optical illusion designs


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