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if your tattoo is visible, it will be a little harder to score a job

Monday, August 11th 2014. | Tattoo Trend

The Economist has published an articleBody art airbrush tattoo @ 91 which aims to understand if visible tattoos can somehow affect your chances of landing a job. In other words, it wants to demonstrate if employers, when facing two candidates having similar CV, will prefer employing the candidate without tattoos. The conclusion of this study is that, at this time, showing your tattoos will be a disadvantage.

In those so-called “primitive” societies, from Africa or from those Pacific ocean islands, the tattoo used to have a social and religious instance. In the western world, tattoos were historically related to the world of circus, to crime and to those working at sea.
The economist says that in the states an adult out of five has one, that two out of five are approx thirty years old and that most of them are women. So the study wonders, “what happens when these people go out looking for a job ?”

Andrew Timming, teacher at St. Andrew University in Scotland, claims that for example although the tattoos are nowadays very common, they still carry a stigma of rebellion, that can alarm a possible employer.
In a study published in 2013 with some other colleagues, Timming asked some human resources managers to evaluate some candidates based on their photos, some of which had been modified by applying some tattoos on the neck. The tattoos candidates have been ranked at lowest positions, based on the same CV.
Based on another study conducted by Trimming, it was also clear that many managers were quite suspicious about visible tattoos, especially for those positions that required contact and negotiations with clients. It’s however a “social prejudice and not individual”, explained Trimming:in the answers of the managers, what counted was how the clients would have perceived the employees with visible tattoos.

There are however – and also these count, says Trimming – some perceptions according to the type of tattoos: those depicting flowers or butterflies are generally more accepted, whereas those representing skeletons or other negative situations have been rejected the most.
Finally, there are also some more tattoo-friendly roles: those that deal with a younger client base and those where having a tattoo can even be considered an advangate. A prison manager, for example, explained that having some tattoos helped him to establish a relationship with the inmates.
Generally speaking, having a tattoo that is easily visible can be a disadvantage.

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