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Significance of Henna Tattoos

Sunday, November 30th 2014. | Henna Tattoo

The significance of henna tattoos is deeply linked with the over 5,000 years of tradition displaying such tattoos during special events. The wearer is believed to attract happiness and luck, which is why, traditionally, henna tattoos are showed at weddings, blessings and other rituals.

It is believed that the art of henna tattooing is also a way for the person getting the tattoo – the receiver – to get connected with the person performing the tattoo – the giver. As the spiritual connection is created, a special blessing can be received along with the tattoo.

Where are henna tattoos usually painted?

The placement of these tattoos is also important, because it plays a role in the tattoo significance. The hands are usually preferred, because they are used for giving and receiving on a regular basis.

When tattoos are painted on the palms, the receiver will be capable of offering and receiving gifts and blessings. Some widespread designs for palm tattoos are sun, mandalas, and other flowery elements.

When tattoos are painted on the back of the hands, they symbolize protection, and the designs used are different, as well. For instance, shield designs are often used.

Henna tattoos can be different based on gender. Usually, women receive such tattoos on their left hand, because this is the hand considered to be receptive, while men receive them on their right hand, the one considered to be projective.

Popular henna tattoos

Here are some of the most popular designs you will encounter:

  • Flowers – these are symbols of joy
  • Eyes – these are considered to offer protection against evil eye, as the symbols painted on the hands will reflect back the evil that someone tries to cast on the receiver
  • Birds – these are messengers and they represent the connection between the skies and earth
  • Snakes – they are symbols of enlightenment
  • Vines – used for weddings, they are symbols of devotion

Significance of Henna Tattoos

Significance of Henna Tattoos

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