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Most Popular Tattoo Trends You Will Love

Sunday, November 30th 2014. | Tattoo Trend

If you are into tattoo trends, you are probably wondering which are the most popular right now. Keep in mind that these trends are followed by many, so, if you want something that will make you stand out, they may not be the best choice.

Feather tattoos

These simple designs are very popular right now, because they are easy to place in less visible places. The symbolism they carry refers to freedom of spirit.

Anchor tattoos

The famous sailor tattoo is in, and there are many variations you can see imprinted on teenagers’ skin lately. Considered a motivational symbol, the anchor is often accompanied by an inspiring quote, and it signifies the will to fight and never surrender.

Infinity tattoos

Although infinity tattoos have been popular with couples for some time, they continue to be one of the most popular tattoo trends at the moment. A symbol of eternity, they are favored by many people, and not just couples.

Dreamcatcher tattoos

A trend made popular by Miley Cyrus, dreamcatcher tattoos are based on a Native American symbol. The design is often tattooed on the ribcage, as it can be quite large and a lot of skin is needed.

Roman numeral tattoos

Latin quotes are very popular among tattoo wearers, but they are not the only symbols of the ancient Roman civilization that are preferred by this category. Roman numerals are also popular this year, and they are usually a means to commemorate a certain date with special significance for the wearer.

Arrow tattoos

Another interesting design that enjoys great popularity right now is the arrow. The symbol is considered to be motivational and inspiring as the arrow signifies the difficulties you may have to face in life in order to be propelled forward (just like an arrow) and be able to progress.

Most Popular Tattoo Trends You Will Love

Most Popular Tattoo Trends You Will Love

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