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Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 review

Sunday, February 8th 2015. | Tattoo events

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015: The event runs from the 6th to the 8th of February 2015


The 20th anniversary of the Milan Tattoo Convention has arrived.  Everything is ready for this important edition and birthday of the worldwide famous event.

The Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 has been a long-awaited event from all people who share the same passion for ink. Not only because there will be tattoo artists coming in from every different part of the world, but also because this year is a special celebration of the 20th Edition.

One of the main organizers of the event, Roberto Terzi, during the Celebration Party that took place in Milan ( Teatro Vetra), had this to say:

It’s a convention that was born at the table of a coffee bar. Made up of ideas from a group of friends with the same common interest for tattoos. That, with time, became one of the most prestigious conventions in the whole wide world. It’s a lot of time that I have spent as part of the tattoo scene and I’m convinced that the audience, from the past years, have evolved. There is more culture, therefore, all of these people who are interested in tattoos, or in getting tattooed, choose a tattoo artist that they like, admire and they decide that they want to absolutely be tattooed by that artist for his particular and researched style. Before, it was different, it was more generic. This is also due to the fact that just recently, the artistic quality has considerably spread. The artists are more motivated and talented and even the tools and products offer so many more expressive possibilities”.

Official poster of the Milan Tattoo Convention 2015.

Official poster of the Milan Tattoo Convention 2015.

The Convention, born in 1995, grew in an exponential fashion, becoming the first manifestation in its sector in Italy and one of the most important and recognized in the whole world. It takes place from the 6th to the 8th of February at the Centro Congressi Quark Hotel.

The 2015 edition of the Milan Tattoo Convention will be hosting over 300 tattoo artists. Each of them with international fame and representing every kind of style. The artists are also accurately chosen for their value and ability on different techniques. On this topic, Terzi adds:

Our strongest point lays in the fact that we don’t aim for quantity. Instead, we exalt the quality of our artists. It’s our task to select them from all over the world. There are tattoo artists from Siberia and others from South Africa, some from Canada, some more from Japan, China, the United States of America and from Italy as well. If we notice someone who would be perfect for the convention, we invite them. The convention mechanism works on an ‘invite only’ basis. Tattoo artists from abroad always find time to come back to Italy, because they like, and, are affectionate to the Italian audience. I proudly affirm that our convention is based on the tattoo culture. The message that we want everyone to receive is that the artistic level is very high nowadays and the only thing that changes is just the surface on which art is made. That’s the reason why there will always be art shows”.

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015: The Program

The program has been known to fascinate not only people with a passion for tattoos in general, but also those who are approaching this world for the first time. It also offers events of a different nature, such as exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photographs, conferences about tattoo history from the point of view of different cultures, books presentations, dance shows and performances of body painting. There’s also a contest to elect Miss Tattoo Convention, which is organized by three of the main Suicide Girls of Italy: Riae, Eden and Ultima. Also confirmed for 2015 is Vans Ink Art, the first exhibition of slip-on, tattooed by 10 famous artists.

Suggested events:

Max Papeschi- “Digital Worlds”: Contemporary works of art due to reinterpret modern pop icons in an ironic way.

Saturno Buttò- “The signs within the oil”: Paintings that explore the dark side of religion, where the main theme is the opposition between the sensuality of the body and the spirituality of the soul. The holy is opposed to rituals in a neo-gothic style.

Mr. Wany: A graffiti exhibition that is inspired by post-atomic scenarios and manga’s Japanese world.

B-ink Collective: An artistic exposition that puts together paintings and sculptures made by some of the main tattoo artists at the Convention. Official voices for this 20th Edition of the convention will be Andrea Rock, radio-phonic speaker for Virgin Radio and lead singer of the punk-rock band Andead and Ketty Passa, dj, singer and radio-phonic speaker for Radio Popolare.

Art works that can be admire at the Milan Tattoo Convention 2015.

Characteristic of this 20th edition is the area dedicated to body painting.

Art works that can be admire at the Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 (Max Capeschi).

Art works that can be admire at the Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 (Max Capeschi).

Max Papeschi’s artworks (1-above) and (2-below).

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_65795f14

    Art works that can be admire at the Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 (Max Capeschi).

Art works that can be admire at the Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 (Max Capeschi).

Max Papeschi’s artwork (3).


Whole program:

Friday – 6 Feb

14.00 – Opening Time

14.30 – Body Painting

16.00 – Main Stage Show

17.30 – Pole Dance

18.00 – Vans Ink Art Live (Vans Area H2O)

20.00 – Best of Friday

22.00 Closing Time

Saturday – 7 Feb

12.00 – Opening Time

13,00 – Body Painting

13.30 – Miss Milano Tattoo By Suicide Girls

17.00 – Polynesian Dance

17.30 – Krav Maga Exhibition

18.30 – Vans Ink Art Live (Vans Area H2O)

19.00 – Tattoo Contests

20.00 – Pole Dance

20.30 – Miss Milano Tattoo Final

23.00 – Closing Time

Sunday – 8 Feb

12.00 – Opening Time

12.30 – Body Painting

15.00 – Polynesian Dance

15.30 – Pole Dance

16.45 – Tattoo Contests

18.30- Best of Milano Tattoo Convention

20.00 Closing Time

Of particular importance is the VANS INK ART, that takes place for the second time at the Milan Tattoo Convention (the dedicated hashtags for this event are #vansinkart and #MTC2k15). It’s the first exhibition in the whole world where it is possible to behold a tattooed slip-on. This year the theme is ‘Off The Wall’. 10 famous and talented artists will paint directly onto the Californian sneaker that made history for the street-wear, appreciated not only by skaters.

Vans Ink Art exhibition of tattooed shoes at Milan Tattoo Convention.

Tattoed Slip-on

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_m1360bd3a

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_4d188bf

All of the shoes exposed are in competition to win a prize.

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 – The Artists: As I mentioned before, all of the tattoo artists are selected from all over the world for their skills, talent and peculiar style. If you want to know more about them, check out the official website of the convention, where you will find entire pages dedicated to these guys.

An artist tattooing a girl’s forearm.

artists at work

artists at work

Pictures of artists caught in the act of tattooing their client. It is actually possible book appointment with the artists directly once at the convention. The tattoos are to be chosen among the available draws of the artist.

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_1427adb1

artists at work

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_7f917d38

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_m4b731e26

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_m1df11aa2

Artists listening to the client’s requests in order to satisfy them.

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_m2efefb23

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015._html_m3c67ba12

Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 – prices and tickets: The price for the ticket to access to the Milan Tattoo Convention 2015 is 23per day.

I highly recommend that you participate in this event, involving art, music and creative people from every part of the world, for a truly unique and awesome experience!


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