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Matching Couple Tattoo Quotes

Sunday, August 11th 2013. | Quote Tattoo

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Tradition dictates that on the fifth wedding anniversary, couples should exchange wooden gifts. But one Denver couple decided to buck tradition, opting for something much more permanent instead — joint tattoos. On Monday, Redditor drocks27 She’s not afraid of the tattooist’s needle, having had an array of etchings inked all over her body. But Miley Cyrus’s choice for her new tattoo might come as a surprise to some, who perhaps were unaware of the teenager’s interest in politics. “We didn’t want to have a quote or a portrait of the other person,” Beth McMillan, 35, said of the couple’s tattoos, which can be read as anything from hash marks to binary code. “We just wanted something really simple, something that meant something to After all, the Oaklyn couple share a permanent reminder of their wedding date, Nov. 11, 2011: a pair of matching tattoos, reading “11 11 11″ in a tidy, inch-high serif. Many brides still cover up their tattoos for the big day, layering on heavy And when it comes to coupling up in the tattoo department, related quotes that technically can stand alone are definitely better than naming names on one’s ring finger. (Not that I don’t believe in your love, Cy-Worth. I do!) What do you think of couple This was proof that love can make you do some pretty crazy things, like tattoo your face. Now, let’s move to the brighter side of things with these romantic and sweet couple tattoos that say, I love you, in the most creative ways….

It seems my favorite Kardashian couple was enjoying a lovely dinner not long after their quickie wedding in 2009 when they decided to get crazy and hit up the local tattoo parlor. Now, they each sport the other’s initials in cursive on their hands. LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The couple inspired by Theodore Roosevelt together stays together? Liam Hemsworth has taken a page out of fiancee Miley Cyrus’ tattoo playbook and, like his 19-year-old love, has inked a passage from a famed speech by former Miley had debuted her ink back in July. The couple’s tattoo is an excerpt of a famous quote from a 1910 speech written by former President Theodore Roosevelt. The quote was taken from Roosevelt’s 35-page address, entitled “Citizenship in a Republic.” ……….

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