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Learning the Meaning of Tribal Tattoos

Sunday, November 16th 2014. | Tribal Tattoo

Many celebrities, as well as ordinary people wear tribal tattoos, because of their intricate designs, as well as their deep meaning. If you want to get a tribal tattoo, first, you may be interested in learning more about their meaning.

The Celtic cross

Probably one of the best known symbols used for tribal tattoos is the Celtic cross. Considered a symbol of unity and eternity, it is not limited to a single culture, and it can be worn by almost anybody believing in values such as faith and inner balance.

The sun

Do not be surprised to discover that there are many tribal tattoos containing the sun as a vital element. Sun has been worshipped by many cultures, for its ability to sustain life, and it is a symbol of enlightenment.

The eagle

An Aztec symbol present in many tribal tattoos, the eagle is representation of masculine virtues, honor and bravery. Back in the days, young Aztec warriors received such a tattoo after performing rites of passage, as recognition of their qualities as males.

The turtle

This is a symbol often find in Hawaiian tattoos, as well as in other Pacific cultures. The turtle symbolizes calm, inner balance and serenity, even when going through difficult times.

The dragon

Dragon tattoos are quite common, and they are also trans-cultural, since there are so many ancient civilizations that used to perform them. Wearing dragon tattoos signifies creativity for women, or strength for men.

The butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol of transition, of great transformation in one’s life. While it is usually preferred by women who also opt for colorful designs, more and more men start wearing butterfly designs, although they prefer to keep them in black ink.

The lion

Another symbol found in many tribal tattoos is the lion. Signifying strength and vigor, it is another common design used for tribal tattoos.


Learning the Meaning of Tribal Tattoos

Learning the Meaning of Tribal Tattoos

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