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Interesting facts about Infinity Tattoos

Sunday, November 16th 2014. | Infinity Tattoo

Infinity tattoos look simple at first glance, but their intricate significance is actually tributary to the continuous, uncomplicated line they are basically made of. If you are passionate about your ink body art, you may already have one, or at least considering getting one. Here are a few things to keep in mind about these beautiful tattoos before going to your favorite ink artist and ask for an infinity design.

An ancient symbol

Infinity tattoos are a representation of a symbol used by some of the oldest civilizations on the planet. Showing a horizontal figure eight, this symbol represents endlessness for one’s love, passion, faith and any other awe-inspiring feeling. The ancient Greeks and Indians used the symbol, first as a concept used by philosophers, and then by mathematicians.

Another correspondence of the infinity symbol is in its resemblance to Ouroboros, the snake always consuming its tail, considered to be a creature with no beginning or end.

In modern times, it is most often consider a symbol of eternal, never ending love, whether it is about having feelings for another person, or having passion for music, painting, or any other form of art.

A symbol for couples

These tattoos are especially embraced by couples because they are symbols of eternal love. It is not uncommon to have the symbol split in two, so that together the two separate parts can form a complete entity.


While the basic design of these tattoos is simple and straightforward, this does not mean that you cannot customize it as you see fit, in order to convey a certain message.

A very simple way to do so is by integrating other symbols with the continuous line of the infinity symbol. The name of the person you love can be written on one of the curves, or you can add a small cross to symbolize your eternal faith in a supreme being, or you can write a message that will stay with you always.

Do not hesitate to ask your ink artist to show you a few available designs, and you could go from there. Simple variations in color can also add a different meaning to your tattoo. The main point of getting such a tattoo is to symbolize your eternal love or passion for someone or something, so there is plenty of creativity to stem from this only.

How much does an infinity tattoo cost?

Because this type of design is not very complicated, ink artists do not charge a lot of money for one. Usually, it costs between 50 and 75 dollars to get one done, but the final expense can depend on the parlor, the artist, and, of course, the complexity of the design chosen by you.

Interesting Things about Infinity Tattoos

Interesting Things about Infinity Tattoos

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