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Great Tribal Tattoo Designs for Girls

Sunday, November 9th 2014. | Tribal Tattoo

There is a common misconception that mostly men should wear tribal tattoos and that these designs are not exactly for women. However, what people who think so do not know is that tribal tattoos were involved in rites of passage for both boys and girls. For girls, it was believed that young females who could deal with the pain of getting a tattoo could also go through the suffering of labor later in life. It was also considered that the girl getting the tattoo was becoming fit for getting married and raising a family.
In today’s world, tattoos are more a form of self expression and it is more and more socially accepted for women to wear tribal tattoos, as it is for men.
Dragon tattoos
Some of the most popular tribal tattoo designs for girls are dragon representations. The combination between the mythical creature and tribal inking symbolizes creativity, and dragon tattoos make for some amazing upper back artwork for girls.
Matching tribal tattoos
One of the reasons why so many people opt for tribal tattoos is because of their deep significance. Girls often find matching tribal tattoos to be exactly what they are looking for, as they can have them done together with their best friends. Symbols of never ending friendship, these tattoos are preferred by many women.
Tribal flower tattoos
These are very sexy and interesting, and they are usually worn behind the year. They are a great choice for romantic girls, and instead of the usual black design, some colors can be used, as long as the tribal theme is maintained.
Angel wings tattoos
A symbol of aspiration and freedom, angel wings are mostly preferred by girls. The combination with the tribal outlines makes for a striking effect for an upper back tattoo.
Heart shaped tribal tattoos
Tribal tattoos used in the modern world do not necessarily have to stay true to their original meanings, and a talented artist can manipulate the form in order to offer new designs. For girls, heart shapes tribal tattoos are a great choice.
Rose designs
Tribal tattoos may appear as being too masculine, because of the hard lines and shapes used, so there is nothing wrong with making them appear more feminine through the use of other elements, such as striking red roses woven into the original design.
Side tribal tattoos
In case of males wearing tribal tattoos, the designs h

ave the particular quality of making the masculine body stand out more, especially when painted on the torso and arms. For girls, tribal tattoos can do the same thing, as long as they follow the natural beautiful lines of the female body. Side tribal tattoos are very popular with girls specifically for this reason.

Great tribal tattoo desigs
Great tribal tattoo designs

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