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Funny Celebrity Full Body Tattoo Design Ideas

Friday, August 16th 2013. | Tattoo Trend

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From David Beckham’s Harper tattoo to celebrate the birth of his first baby girl, to Jennifer Aniston’s tribute to her beloved dog Norman, there’s a wide range of reasoning behind the new body art as we take a look at 10 celebrities who recently Justin Bieber was tattooing without a license in New York City last June. The Canadian pop star swapped his microphone for an inking needle to embellish friend and tattoo artist Bang Bang, real name Keith McCurdy, with a new design. Bieber, then But you know what Rihanna has on her ribcage? A gun. A real live gun. We’ll put it up against with your choice of source material, but your magical tattoo union is enough to beat out a pot leaf, at least. I mean come on. But bottom line (no pun Remember Jon Gosselin’s Ed Hardy-esque dragon tattoo? He reportedly misspelled his girlfriend’s name in it. And check out Brody Jenner’s “Avril” tattoo, in honor of his favorite month to visit Paris. Just kidding! It’s in honor of girlfriend Avril Lavigne. I’m gonna get an ambiguous tattoo that looks like a battered woman’s face…I mean, a Sugar Skull. A what? Show of hands – who has ever heard of that? Right. Ke$ha’s Inner Lip Tattoo Speaking we don’t see any finger tattoos? Celebrities express themselves onscreen or onstage with their body of work. However, they also like to show off their creative side with body art. ….

A unique fashion trend is to get tattoos of favorite celebrities faces imprinted somewhere on the body. Take a look at these interesting and sometimes funny tattoos of celebrity faces: But they will also be included in the full-body artwork when she gets “But I am proud of my body, I see it as a work of art. “I love seeing my body change every time Curly tattoos me. It’s an incredible journey of self-discovery. From cute to scary, check out some amazing celebrity tattoos. Former TV presenter, and wife of actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, was photographed last weekend at Agatha Amata’s birthday get together with that butterfly Tattoo on her right boob. The mother of Are Margaret Cho’s tattoos taboo? In a blog post on Jezebel, the comedienne sounds off on allegedly being discriminated against by other Korean women at a Los Angeles spa……

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