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Famous Celebrities With Infinity Tattoos

Tuesday, August 20th 2013. | Infinity Tattoo

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The celebrity, who is famous for being famous, was recently seen partying up a storm with her new boyfriend, hip hop star Whiz Khalifa (himself a tattoo addict) with the skin art partially covered by sunglasses. Tattoos are not just for showing off though. Now, with Thanos’ galactic-domination plans set to play out beyond the printed pages of Marvel comics, the erstwhile villain is back in the six-issue miniseries “Infinity” that blends not just heroes from earth, but also those from beyond the stars and Both of the tattoos are on her wrists. One of the tats is an infinity symbol and the other is merely four little lines. The Hollywood Life notes that the four little lines are probably an homage to the ’70s punk band Black Flag. Stewart has been spotted I really wish I was joking about this post, but… no. Apparently, a new trend is getting tattoos put on your pets, particularly any pet that is hairless. In Russia, the hairless Sphinx is the most frequent tattoo victim. Yes, I said victim. I love tattoos. Kristen Stewart showed off more than her killer legs in Paris this week — she also revealed two new tattoos! The “Twilight” star’s We don’t know for sure, but some are speculating the Infinity symbol has to do with Robert Pattinson and that the “My Infinity tattoo really represents what life is like for me at this therefore we are happy to announce that Adam Lambert is the “Hollywood Celebrity of the Week.” Follow Hollywood News on Twitter for up-to-date news information…..

Hilary looked the most put together and downright sassy at the Manolo Blahnik Rodeo Walk of Style party. Her moody floral Chloe top is perfectly tamed by a Herve Leger pencil skirt and zip-up Manolos. But Hilary adds flash with a chain detail belt and her Looks like Justin Bieber isn’t the only tough guy in the relationship. His little Selenita has officially been inked! Her new tattoo is SUPER hardcore cute! It’s an itsy bitsy heart on her right wrist. It’s no giant Jesus — but hey, it’s tough for a This is not just the regular kind of celebrity-endorsed merchandise either, one may as well add: aside from having Adam’s infinity tattoo on the front, the penchant also has his signature carved in the back. For many fans, this is the closest they can Infinity Sun Products have been keeping Hollywood’s hottest celebrities healthy and radiant year round. Who doesn’t love the tans seen on Kym Johnson (Infinity created her DWTS look above!), Jessica Alba, Brooke Burke, Denise Richards, Gisele Bundchen…..

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